For Business Partners
For Business Partners

We are convinced that you share corporate values of DAIMLER KAMAZ RUS and fully understand your responsibility towards clients and public in general. Being our authorized representatives either in the Russian Federation or abroad, you are aware that any illegal actions from representative of your company shall not be tolerated.

We aim at long-term cooperation and development of our partner relations on principles of openness, transparency and integrity.

Remember: protection of your business is in your hands.

  • Provide your staff with the relevant information about compliance.
  • Introduce Integrity Code and Anticorruption Policy in your company.
  • Appoint an employee responsible for observance in company regulations.
  • Check your contractors. Negative actions of your business partners may harm your business.
  • Never try to hide questionable documents or records. Never conduct transactions without a relevant permission and following documenting.
  • Do not accept gifts from business partners if the purpose of such gifts is to make an inappropriate influence on you. Be cautious.
  • Do not ask business partners to give you gifts.
  • Do not give / accept invitations to events if you have doubts regarding their business purpose.

If you have any questions about compliance, please contact our experts at DAIMLER KAMAZ RUS:


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